You Are Close to Your Due Date and EVERYONE is Messaging You Asking “How You Are.” How Do you Stay Sane During This Infuriating Period?

As you approach your due date, you may notice that all of a sudden you seem to have a new found popularity and you are starting to hear from an awful lot of people. This list may include some individuals you haven’t even conversed with in months or years. Yes, suddenly every mere acquaintance you […]

How I Fool My Husband into Believing I am a Domestic Goddess (When I am Not……)

My husband and I have always led hectic lives. Being doctors, we have always worked long hours and crazy shifts. When we first got together and started cohabiting, we tended to survive mostly on ready meals (yes, I know……) When we had kids, our already jam-packed schedules became even more chaotic. As a result, one […]

When Things Reach Fever Pitch: No You Have Not Turned into an Excessively Paranoid Wreck, it is Called Being a Mother

My mother always used to tell me that she worried about me constantly. As a result, when I was younger and nulliparous I assumed she was simply an unfortunate worry-wart. Fast forward a few years and now I have to say, I totally get where she was coming from. One thing that my husband and […]

When You Have Unknowingly Slept in Bedsheets Soiled with Baby Poo

My husband was cuddling our youngest son last night on our bed. When I picked the baby up to change him I noticed that another poo explosion had occurred, and that it had shot straight down the leg of his babygro. I asked my husband to check the bed sheets to make sure nothing had […]