The Diary of a Stressed Out Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 5- Oh for a Vomit-Free Month……

In early October, I was messaging a friend laughing about how many times I have vomited this year. Whereas I used to go for years without being sick (despite being a doctor and seeing sick people all the time), having 2 kids under 2 who are constantly bringing bugs home has changed all that. Nowadays, […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 4. Potty-Training, Puking and Partying……

A lot has happened since my last diary entry, but a few things have not changed at all. Most notably, my chaotic lifestyle and clueless parenting journey remain almost exactly the same as when I last shared my escapades with you. This particular story begins over the August bank-holiday weekend, which was a bit of […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 3. So Sleep-Deprived and Forgetful you can Barely Remember your Kids’ Names?! Well, you aren’t Alone……

“Can you grab my balls please?” my husband asks me with a wink and a smile. It’s a humid summer’s evening and the car windows are steaming up much like they did in that scene from Titanic. I am in a compromising position, leaning over the ledge between the front carseats with my nose inches […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 2. When the Sh*t Hits the Fan- Well Just You Actually

“I’m afraid it’s Chlamydia.” My heart sank. A feeling of dread swept over my body. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Don’t worry, it’s easily treated and quite curable with a month-long course of antibiotics. There are a few side effects to the treatment though. The most significant of these is an upset stomach, […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother. Part 1.

Having just finished a weekend of solo parenting on account of my husband working nights, I thought I would begin to write some diaries of my escapades. This is mainly because I realised that the whole experience has been totally crazy and hectic and that instead of doing an excellent job at this whole parenting […]