The Diary of a Stressed Out Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 5- Oh for a Vomit-Free Month……

In early October, I was messaging a friend laughing about how many times I have vomited this year. Whereas I used to go for years without being sick (despite being a doctor and seeing sick people all the time), having 2 kids under 2 who are constantly bringing bugs home has changed all that. Nowadays, […]

About 1 in 4 Pregnancies End in Miscarriage- It’s Just that People Hardly Ever Talk About it

“The 12 week pregnancy rule makes the pain of miscarriage worse” -Katy Lindemann I saw this quote as part of a post on Instagram recently as part of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness week. The post then went on to explain how the secrecy surrounding early pregnancy means that many women who suffer early pregnancy […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 4. Potty-Training, Puking and Partying……

A lot has happened since my last diary entry, but a few things have not changed at all. Most notably, my chaotic lifestyle and clueless parenting journey remain almost exactly the same as when I last shared my escapades with you. This particular story begins over the August bank-holiday weekend, which was a bit of […]

Pain Relief in Labour- Ever Thought of Trying a Tens Machine?

**Please note this post contains affiliate links to some products. If you click on these and purchase a product I receive a small profit but this comes at no extra cost to you.** When I became pregnant with my first child I was working as an anaesthetist on the delivery suite in a local district […]

As A Doctor I Didn’t Think Post Natal Depression Would Happen To Me……

When I started this blog, my goal was to give a totally honest account of motherhood. Whereas my style is generally to try and be truthful whilst also aiming to see the funny side of most things, I have come to realise that being honest also means writing about the not-so-funny things that can happen […]

You are not an Irresponsible Parent, It’s Just that Toddlers are Always Trying to Kill Themselves……

“What an adult strives all day to achieve, a toddler can accomplish in a single, unsupervised minute.” I saw these words on a meme recently, and they couldn’t be more accurate. Essentially, as soon as you have a child, you need to “grow a pair.” No, not a pair of balls as you may be […]

If Your First Picture After Giving Birth Doesn’t Look as Though You have been Dragged Through a Bush Backwards, Made to Run a Marathon Without any Prior Training and then Hauled Across a Bed of Knives for Good Measure at the End, Then You are Not Normal!

For most of my life, I have always thought that it must be great to be royal. Some people may disagree with this; but, all things considered, I’ve often thought the lifestyle that goes with it can’t be so bad. When I express this opinion to others, many agree, but I am also often met […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 3. So Sleep-Deprived and Forgetful you can Barely Remember your Kids’ Names?! Well, you aren’t Alone……

“Can you grab my balls please?” my husband asks me with a wink and a smile. It’s a humid summer’s evening and the car windows are steaming up much like they did in that scene from Titanic. I am in a compromising position, leaning over the ledge between the front carseats with my nose inches […]

Mission (Almost) Impossible- Trying to Take Family Photos with Young Children

For my first birthday after having Henry (our eldest) my husband bought me a “family photoshoot” as a gift. This was to involve us, as a family, going to a local studio, having a makeover, and having several family photographs taken in a variety of outfits alongside a selection of different backdrops. We managed to […]