Apparently Santa Really Did his Research When He Decided on Coal as an Appropriate Gift for Naughty People……

Henry decided that it would be a great idea to pick up a lump of coal yesterday and try to eat it. It was not a great idea. He sincerely regretted it. It turns out there is a good reason why Santa decides to give coal to naughty people- coal isn’t very nice!

If Your First Picture After Giving Birth Doesn’t Look as Though You have been Dragged Through a Bush Backwards, Made to Run a Marathon Without any Prior Training and then Hauled Across a Bed of Knives for Good Measure at the End, Then You are Not Normal!

For most of my life, I have always thought that it must be great to be royal. Some people may disagree with this; but, all things considered, I’ve often thought the lifestyle that goes with it can’t be so bad. When I express this opinion to others, many agree, but I am also often met […]