Collaborate with The Truth Serum Mom

The Truth Serum Mom was started with the aim of giving a totally honest and funny account of motherhood to give parents a blog they could hopefully relate to and laugh at during their (sometimes stressful!) parenthood journey. Producing this blog involves me writing about a wide variety of topics related to motherhood including pregnancy, childbirth, the post partum period, weaning, useful products for parents and babies and much more. I am also a qualified doctor (MBChB (hons) University of Leeds 2012) training to be an anaesthetist and therefore I have some knowledge of the more scientific side of certain subjects as well.

I am keen not only to continue producing entertaining posts, but also to share useful and quality products with my readers/followers where possible. If I think that your products will benefit my audience then I am committed to spread the word about them. If you feel that your brand/business would be a good match for my blog then please feel free to contact me by visiting my contact page here. Alternatively, you can also drop me a DM via my instagram account @the_truth_serum_mom. I am happy to feature brands with which I am collaborating both on my blog and on my instagram account after discussion. I would love to hear from you if you are interested in discussing potential collaborations with me.

If you are interested in asking me to write anything for your blog or website I am also open to discussing writing as a guest blogger or writer. Again, please contact me via instagram or email as discussed above.

Websites I Have Written For


Cherished Mom is an American website aiming to promote awareness and education for perinatal mood disorders and the importance of self-care to new mothers, families, healthcare professionals and the community. I amended my blog post on post natal depression for publication on their website. You can read the article on their website by clicking here.

Collaborations I Have Done


Aprilmoon Boutique is a Canadian company that sells clothing items for babies and young children (click here to visit their website and enter code APRIL88 to receive 25% discount at checkout). Part of their mission is to support mothers and children and a portion of their proceeds go to Cross Roads for Women– a Canadian organisation, which aims to help women and children escape domestic violence.

Edward is a brand ambassador for Aprilmoon Boutique. Below you can see him wearing some of their items.  


Kidy Kids is a clothing company based in Laguna Beach, California. It was founded in January 2019 and sells clothing all over the world for boys, girls and babies aged from 0-12 years. Kidy Kids aim to “create a clothing line that allows kids to be kids and look amazing” at the same time. Their designs are unique, timeless, comfortable, eco-friendly and ethically made. A great many of their staff are young and on board with trends that are shaping the world today. You can visit their website, learn more about them and shop their amazing range by clicking here. You can use the discount code EDWARD17 for 15% off at checkout. Below are some pictures of my two boys wearing Kidy Kids clothing.


VETRA sports is a company offering merchandise targeted at runners, volleyball players, swimmers and soccer players. The brand was established in 2012 and its mission is to provide customers with the best value for money. The team is currently working to expand the VETRA collection. I was kindly gifted a volleyball from VETRA and it has come in handy when trying to get my fitness and figure back post partum as it has meant I am able to mix up my workouts and add in some volleyball for fun. The kids love playing with the volleyball too. You can visit the VETRA website by clicking here. Alternatively you can shop for VETRA items on amazon by clicking here (the latter is an affiliate link- if you click on this and make a purchase I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

Capitola Watches

Capitola watches sell a wide range of watches for men and women. They offer a variety of designs to suit a wide range of styles. Pieces may be personalised by choosing amongst their different dials and interchangeable straps. Below you can see me wearing one of their watches. Click here to visit their website. Use SAXON15 at checkout to get 15% off your purchase.

Me wearing a watch by Capitola Watches

Changers Brand

Changers is a clothing brand selling quality t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies for men, women and children. The brand aims to inspire people to “realise themselves and impact positively upon the world.” The brand aims to stimulate people’s mindsets, boost positive thinking and remind us to live our best lives, whilst inspiring others to do so.

All of their products are made using certified organic natural fibres from sustainable plantations. They do not use chemicals, pesticides or OGM. If polyester is used, it is recycled polyester. In this way the brand takes care of nature whilst producing attractive products that customers can keep for a long time. You can visit their website by clicking here.

Below are some pictures of me wearing Changers Brand clothing


PANDAS (Instagram @pandas_uk) is the UK’s leading charity for perinatal mental health problems and they offer help and support to those suffering from perinatal mental health problems as well as their friends, families and carers. If you, or someone you know, may benefit from the support offered by PANDAS, visit their website at or call their free helpline on 08081961776.