If Your First Picture After Giving Birth Doesn’t Look as Though You have been Dragged Through a Bush Backwards, Made to Run a Marathon Without any Prior Training and then Hauled Across a Bed of Knives for Good Measure at the End, Then You are Not Normal!

For most of my life, I have always thought that it must be great to be royal. Some people may disagree with this; but, all things considered, I’ve often thought the lifestyle that goes with it can’t be so bad. When I express this opinion to others, many agree, but I am also often met […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 3. So Sleep-Deprived and Forgetful you can Barely Remember your Kids’ Names?! Well, you aren’t Alone……

“Can you grab my balls please?” my husband asks me with a wink and a smile. It’s a humid summer’s evening and the car windows are steaming up much like they did in that scene from Titanic. I am in a compromising position, leaning over the ledge between the front carseats with my nose inches […]

Mission (Almost) Impossible- Trying to Take Family Photos with Young Children

For my first birthday after having Henry (our eldest) my husband bought me a “family photoshoot” as a gift. This was to involve us, as a family, going to a local studio, having a makeover, and having several family photographs taken in a variety of outfits alongside a selection of different backdrops. We managed to […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 2. When the Sh*t Hits the Fan- Well Just You Actually

“I’m afraid it’s Chlamydia.” My heart sank. A feeling of dread swept over my body. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Don’t worry, it’s easily treated and quite curable with a month-long course of antibiotics. There are a few side effects to the treatment though. The most significant of these is an upset stomach, […]

Does Your House Look Worse Than a Hotel Room That Has Been Trashed By a Rockstar? You Must Be Weaning Your Baby!

It seems that almost as soon as you have got the hang of feeding your new baby (whether that be breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or a combination of the two) the health visitors are already giving you reams and reams of leaflets and chatting to you about weaning. At the moment, we get told to start […]

Lucky Enough To Be Heading To Wimbledon This Year? Just Be Sure To Revise Some Basic Physics So That “Baby Brain” Doesn’t Get The Better Of You……

When you have young children, you are often very busy and tired. The constant lack of sleep and seemingly endless “To Do” lists often leave you feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused. Personally, I now have more of a tendency to be a bit forgetful and daft more often than not (much to my husband’s […]

The Diary of a Stressed Out, Sleep-Deprived Mother. Part 1.

Having just finished a weekend of solo parenting on account of my husband working nights, I thought I would begin to write some diaries of my escapades. This is mainly because I realised that the whole experience has been totally crazy and hectic and that instead of doing an excellent job at this whole parenting […]

If Your Baby Sleeps, I’m Happy for You. For Anyone Else, Don’t Worry, Neither of Mine Do Either……

One of the main things people seem to say to you when you are expecting a baby or when you have just welcomed a new addition to the family is that you must be low on sleep. It seems logical to assume then, that sleep deprivation is very common when you are a new parent. […]

You Are Close to Your Due Date and EVERYONE is Messaging You Asking “How You Are.” How Do you Stay Sane During This Infuriating Period?

As you approach your due date, you may notice that all of a sudden you seem to have a new found popularity and you are starting to hear from an awful lot of people. This list may include some individuals you haven’t even conversed with in months or years. Yes, suddenly every mere acquaintance you […]

How I Fool My Husband into Believing I am a Domestic Goddess (When I am Not……)

My husband and I have always led hectic lives. Being doctors, we have always worked long hours and crazy shifts. When we first got together and started cohabiting, we tended to survive mostly on ready meals (yes, I know……) When we had kids, our already jam-packed schedules became even more chaotic. As a result, one […]