The Diary of a Stressed Out Sleep-Deprived Mother Part 5- Oh for a Vomit-Free Month……

In early October, I was messaging a friend laughing about how many times I have vomited this year. Whereas I used to go for years without being sick (despite being a doctor and seeing sick people all the time), having 2 kids under 2 who are constantly bringing bugs home has changed all that. Nowadays, […]

About 1 in 4 Pregnancies End in Miscarriage- It’s Just that People Hardly Ever Talk About it

“The 12 week pregnancy rule makes the pain of miscarriage worse” -Katy Lindemann I saw this quote as part of a post on Instagram recently as part of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness week. The post then went on to explain how the secrecy surrounding early pregnancy means that many women who suffer early pregnancy […]